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    • Category: Components > Derailleurs
    • Price: £44.99
    • RRP: £69.99

Shimano XT M771 9 Speed Rear Mech is in the higher end products from CRC, where you’ll get top quality at a reasonable price. £

  • Shimano XT M771 9 Speed Rear MechXT wide link design rear derailleur, offering serious shifting performance for serious mountain bikers. Double servo-panta mechanism: Smooth and precise chain movement to the aimed gear allows for comfortable shifting Features: Proven Shimano precision shifting Smooth operation Simple cable routing (straight pull) 30g lighter than previous modelAll-alloy construction leads to lower weight without compromising strength and durabilityFour fluorine-coated link pinbushings make this one of the slickest shifting derailleurs on the trailsHigh rigidity wide outer link braces the pulley body to increase pivot joint rigidityMega9 compatible for use with 9-speed drivetrainsDurable sealed bearing tension pulley for low friction and smooth running of the drivetrainTop normal spring uses the spring to select higher gears, best suited to use with Rapidfire shiftersCan be combined with Dual Control leversRubber bumper reduces noise when used on non-conventional frame designsSpecifications:Series: Deore XTPulley Cage: GS/SGSSpeeds: 9Spring Type: Top-NormalMax Front: Difference 22TTotal Capacity: 33T/45TMax Rear Sprocket: 34TMin. Rear Sprocket: 11TDirect Attachment: YesFluoric Coated Link Bushings: 4Weight: 239g SGSA 2 year warranty is offered with all Shimano products from Chain Reaction Cycles (3 years on Dura-Ace and XTR products) BuyŒæShimano ComponentsŒæfrom Chain Reaction Cycles, the Worldäó»s Largest Online Bike Store.
  • Product codes: RDM771GS
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  • Review score: 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 96 reviews

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Can be used with Shimano 10-speed road bike shifters by dkyrtata, 19 February 2015, 20 out of 20 people found this review helpful This derailleur came with my 10-speed road bike after I asked the shop to install one that would accommodate a 32-tooth cassette. I was a bit surprised that they used a 9-speed derailleur with a 10-speed shifter, but as long as it worked, I was not at all concerned. Recently, I came across this link which confirms that the shop was right. (scroll to middle of page): http://velonews.competitor.com/2014/02/bikes-and-tech/technical-faq/technical-faq-mixing-and-matching-10-and-11-speed-shimano-and-campagnolo-drivetrains_315933 In short this is what the link says: It is correct that a Shimano 10-speed MTB rear derailleur will not work with a Shimano 10-speed road shifter. . . . However, you can use a 10-speed cassette and 9-speed Shimano MTB rear derailleur with a10-speed 105 shifter (and a 10-speed chain). ‰Û¥ Lennard So for those of you who are using 10-speed road bike and want to use a larger than a 28T cassette, this is the derailleur to use. It has worked for me for 4 seasons with over 23,500km on it. Pros: comparable quality with 105-5700 derailleur and about 10 grams lighter (243g v.s 250g)

Super smooth by Beeflord, 15 October 2013, 6 out of 6 people found this review helpful I replaced a rather old LX rear mech with this one – bargain price at CRC. Once I had set it up properly (ie indexed the gears and readjusted after the cable had stretched) the shifting was fantastic. No noise, no fuss, just a super smooth shift up and down the sprockets – effortless and instant. I am using XTR cables with the PTFE coating which probably helps, but I think the improvement is at least 90% mech. This is probably the best upgrade I have made to my bike and worth every penny. If you are upgrading an older bike, as I was, then I couldn’t recommend this product more highly. Pros: very smooth shifting looks great Cons: none

Options: Colour Black Size Long Cage Medium Cage

    • Proven Shimano precision shifting
    • Smooth operation
    • Simple cable routing (straight pull)
    • 30g lighter than previous model
    • All-alloy construction leads to lower weight without compromising strength and durability
    • Four fluorine-coated link pinbushings make this one of the slickest shifting derailleurs on the trails
    • High rigidity wide outer link braces the pulley body to increase pivot joint rigidity
    • Mega9 compatible for use with 9-speed drivetrains
    • Durable sealed bearing tension pulley for low friction and smooth running of the drivetrain
    • Top normal spring uses the spring to select higher gears, best suited to use with Rapidfire shifters
    • Can be combined with Dual Control levers
    • Rubber bumper reduces noise when used on non-conventional frame designs


    • Series: Deore XT
    • Pulley Cage: GS/SGS
    • Speeds: 9
    • Spring Type: Top-Normal
    • Max Front: Difference 22T
    • Total Capacity: 33T/45T
    • Max Rear Sprocket: 34T
    • Min. Rear Sprocket: 11T
    • Direct Attachment: Yes
    • Fluoric Coated Link Bushings: 4
    • Weight: 239g SGS



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      Shimano XT M771 9 Speed Rear Mech Written by: Matt Cooper
      Rating: 9.6 out of 10 based on 96 reviews.

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